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Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd provides consumers with an extensive range of the highest quality natural,bioactive New Zealand sourced health and wellness products including MGO™ Manuka Honey, BIO30™ New Zealand Propolis and a range of Medical Grade Manuka Honey wound dressings.

Manuka Health is a global business with distribution partners in over 40 countries actively seeking to open new markets. The ideal distribution partner will have some or all of these capabilities.

  1. An established sales and distribution business into health channels, hospital and other health facilities along with an established retail pharmacy business in one or more countries.
  2. Resources to grow and develop the market for Medical Grade Manuka Honey wound dressings.
  3. Motivation to promote the Manuka Health brand and its New Zealand origin product range.

If you are interested in distributing Manuka Health products, please provide us with the following information.

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