Medical Grade Manuka Honey

We manufacture Manuka Health Wound Dressings using only pure New Zealand Manuka Honey – a monofloral honey made from the nectar of the manuka bush native to New Zealand (leptospermum scoparium), that has been studied extensively for its ability to resist degradation and remain effective in the presence of wound fluids.

To qualify as "medical grade" Manuka Health ensures that the honey conforms to rigorous standards of quality and consistency.
Incoming honey from various hives is tested for microbiological contamination and assayed for water content and phytochemical composition. Once the stock is fully characterized, it is filtered and blended into a master batch with the purity and consistency to qualify for use in a moist wound environment.

Dressings containing medical grade honey are subjected to terminal gamma sterilization, in a process that destroys any residual microbial spores without degrading the effectiveness of the honey.

Manuka Health New Zealand maintains a unique, vertically integrated supply chain, from beekeepers, to honey processing, to final product. Our system ensures lot traceability from the dressing to the hive – a standard unmatched by any other supplier.