Breast Pads with Manuka Honey

A Nursing mother's comfort

Manuka Health's Breast Pads with Manuka Honey are a solid state honey and glycerine gel sheet. The gel sheet is covered with a breathable (oxygen and moisture permeable) stretch cloth which allows greater conformity and therefore greater comfort.

Made with Medical Grade New Zealand Manuka Honey.

  • Instant Cooling Sensation
  • Relief of Painful Nipples
  • Enhanced Breast Feeding Success

Directions for Use

  1. Open pack and remove Breast Pads.
  2. Place the gel side of the Pad directly over nipple.
  3. Before breastfeeding or pumping remove Breast Pad.
  4. Gently cleanse breast with warm water to remove any residue before breastfeeding or pumping and pat dry.
  5. Do not rinse Breast Pads with water.
  6. After breastfeeding or pumping reapply Breast Pad over nipple.
  7. Re-use until fully saturated. New pads required once the current pad is full of moisture.
  8. In between use store Breast Pads on the plastic liners and in the pouch.
  9. For additional cooling sensation store Breast Pads in refrigerator.
  10. Keep Dry. Remove before showering, bathing or swimming.

Caution: Consult your physician if signs of infection occur: redness, swelling, fever.